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Local Estate Agents Frog-marched From Their Office


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Everything is still in there, including the adverts in the window, except there's now a repossession notice from the landlord to go with them. That's one down, two to go.

Edited to add: South Bucks village; very high house prices.

Edited by Dylan
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I like 'frog marched' a great deal.

It comes second only to the 'bum's rush' - gripped by the collar and the seat of the trousers, and thrown bodily into the street.

It all sounds great to me.

Dylan, you forgot to add a photo of the now defunct agency. Makes my day.

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Surely not - under the new tax laws if a shop is unlet then the landlord is liable for the business rates?

Dead right, it's the LL thats the idiot where's he going to find another tenant. Cutting off his nose to spite his face, best commercial decision would have been to leave estate agents in rent-free (or some sort of turnover rent if posssible) whilst marketing the unit to avoid void rates. It could be the LL who finds he's got the bailiffs from the council on his own doorstep for the business rates now.

Retailers up and down the country have got underperforming branches they just pray the LL would be stupid enough to do the same thing to. Once the LL changes the locks the lease is forfeit and the estate agent is off the hook (could of lost his own home otherwise if he had a personal guarantee on the lease (likely)).

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