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Bradford And Bingley Ceo

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Mcfall is the tip of the government iceberg in this respect. I cannot think of a single minister who isn't at one and the same time pledging to clean up a corrupt system while actively encouraging it.


We need to get LIAR LOANS & PREDATORY LENDING right into the TOP LIST of THE AGENDA/ISSUES IN the media.... Anyone got ideas? Any PR people out there? [Vested Interests apart...]

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So he's saying that self cert mortgages were not properly regulated - er is he saying he only now realises this or did he know this before when they were lending to anyone with a pulse? If it's the latter why did he take this business - he could have refused it? If it's the former how the hell did he get to be the CEO of a bank without knowing his marketplace?

Looks like it..... :rolleyes:

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