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Nu Labour Troll Alert.

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Interesting, you seem to be suggesting that Lefties are politically biased, but that right wingers aren't.

You are biased to a politics is all, spit on people culture.

Incredible that some people are so indoctrinated that they actually believe that their views are so close to reality or truth that they are neutral.

Just not mindless 'football supporters'. Hardly neutral, I'd say.

I am not right wing, just particuarly anti meddling socialist,

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Guest KingCharles1st

Pat's OK- just misguidedly supports the continued destruction of England and ultimate conversion to a Europe state by Gordon Brown.

Is this all we have got to chat about today? Nothing "interesting" going on anywhere?

Can't we have a "Why Obama needs to go- and SOON" thread.. :)

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Guest mattsta1964
Actually, NuLabour are looking pretty right wing atm, with all the attacks on personal freedoms they keep introducing.

Not to mention the extreme (for a westernized nation anyway) levels of corruption they have introduced.

Its obvious that NuLabour are NOT good for the UK or British society, and another term of them in office is likely to see the UK take some pretty significant steps backward. But hey, if you like this by all means vote for them.

I'm pretty left wing, and will almost certainly be voting LibDem at the next general election.

Depends on what your definition of left and right wing actually is.

Right wing means different things to different people

Fascism is a socialist idealogy. A lot of people don't realise that.

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Guest mattsta1964
It's debatable.

The only difference between communism and fascism is that a fascist state is a union of corporate and state power. As such, private ownership of companies is permitted if they work in the interests of the state. If that sound familiar, it should be because we are living in a corporate socialist state right now. So are the Americans

If you look back at Germany in the 1930's, Krupp, Messerschmidt, Fokker, Mercedes Benz etc etc were all privately owned companies. They all contributed massively to rebuilding the Nazi war machine.

Under a cummunist state, all industrial output is state owned.

They are both totalitarian idealogies and they are both socialist.

Some people define libertarian conservatism as being right wing when it is diametrically opposite to fascism.

So just what is the definition of 'right wing'?

It means different things to different people you see

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