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Where Can I Fnd The Best Online Credit Check?

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Interesting question, I don't actually know for sure.

Every time you're credit checked it can affect your score, especially multiple checks in a short space of time. I'm guessing they'd be smart enough not to make it hit your score, but you never know.


They're all a bit of a rip off, but generally I'd suggest Experian - www.creditexpert.co.uk

If you do sign up for a free report, you'll still have to pay 5.99 to get the actual score. Also, make sure you save the report and cancel subscription within 30 days otherwise you'll be renewed and charged monthly.

I checked my credit rating (which was 999% I was glad to see!) on EXPERIEN (as per the link on the previous post)

I payed £5 or thereabouts for a 30 day trial, which was enough to see as much as I needed.

You can then pay £5 a month, but I personally would not do that as you can just re-join at any time.

It was quite good because they e.mail you any changes to your CREDIT RATING, ie. if you shut an account down, or if say something 'dodgy' was happening to your account.

Whats good is they e.mail to tell you there has been a 'change' then you pay the £5 (if its after your

initial 30 days has run out) to see what the 'change' is. Its usually nothing to worry about, something you have done yourself but forgotten about, but worth seeing.

As far as I am aware joining EXPERIEN does NOT give you a bad credit score, because you are NOT APPLYING for credit, you are just looking at your credit details., its NOT a credit search as if you are applying for a credit card.

Its very easy to read and I am glad I did it. I WOULD recommend it.

Shows you ALL the people you are 'linked' with who live at your address etc, which can help if you thinmk they may be affecting your credit score.

It gives you your score from EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR (or something like that).

And then it advises you how to improve.

It shows you every time you have EVER missed a credit card payment.

I have lost a point because I HAD missed a payment, by a couple of days on a Credit Card, but my score was still EXCELLENT.

I would go for it, you will find it beneficial.

(All the text is in different colours so its very easy to read and understand)

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Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I 'm sure I heard that completing one will reduce my rating; is this right?

No. Checks for credit applications will lower your score, but checks for data protection access or identity verification will not.

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The question of checking your credit reference report comes up regularly on this site. Each of the credit reference agencies is required by law (under the data protection act) to provide you with a full credit report. The charge set by Parliament is £2 - yes two pounds. None of them want to tell you this because they don't make money on it, but look very carefully on their website and buried somewhere on page 94 is the details on how to check your record for £2.

I'm amazed that anyone would bother with signing up for some heavily promoted and unnecessary monthly check for absurd fees - yet people still do - mostly because the clowns who run these businesses play on people's fear - a fear which they create themselves.

From a quick search on Experian's site:

Credit reports can be applied to by visiting Experian’s website:


or by calling 0870 241 6212.

Our internet and telephone services are the quickest ways for people to request their credit report but they can also write to us. Lenders can request copies of our application forms by calling 0115 9410 888 and asking for Consumer Operations or can be downloaded from our website.

Our address is:

Consumer Help Service

Experian Limited

PO Box 9000

NW80 7WP

It is important that we are provided with a person’s full name, including title and middle name, plus their date of birth when making a credit report application. This should be sent with their addresses over the past six years plus the £2 statutory fee. We cannot provide a credit report unless we have full application details to enable us to identify the applicant. All applications are subject to verification checks and we may ask for further information before we proceed with the request for a credit report.

If people have queries about the information held on their credit report, the quickest way to resolve these is to read the explanatory leaflet that is sent with the report, telephone us: 0870 241 6212

or visit our website which has the answers to most questions or we respond to e-mails about reports. They should always be ready to quote their reference number.

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