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An Alternative To The Socialisation Of Debt:-

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20th Dec 2007:-Record inequality in the US: Billions for Wall Street bosses as workers’ share of income shrinks

Lehman Brothers, the fourth-biggest securities firm, announced last week a bonus pool of $5.7 billion and total compensation of $9.5 billion, with CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. awarded a $35 million stock bonus, on top of his salary and benefits.

Lehman Brothers Bonus Pool Exceeds Value of Bank

The staff bonus pool at Lehman Brothers could now be worth more than the firm itself

How about we make the bankers pay for the mess they have created and we find a legal way to get back the obscene bonuses they have paid themselves whilst their own decision making has caused their banks to fail. What I suggest is that if a company 's valve falls below that of the bonuses paid over the last five years then the bankers be forced to buy their own company with their own money. Give them a couple of weeks to see if they can save their own banks, if not then force them all into personal bankruptcy. Get them to sell their yachts, multi-million pound houses, hand over all their assests including those in off-shore banks and tax havens, make them penniless, and pay back creditors such as pension schemes.

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