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Were The 80s And 90s Recessions Global?


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Well, yes, but not in the same way. Not all had a full recession, but there is an impact on trade for all.

Trade has always been global, so a slowdown in,say, the US hits trade for everyone, but last few not as connected as this time. In past slowdowns it hasn't come off from an asset bubble in everything at the same time... not all Countries suffer the same, some can escape by creating domestic demand, some see far greater impact form trade. Eg early 2000 we got our spending boots on an avoided trouble, but debt was lower, banks not in trouble and able to lend freely

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That's true - they experienced a record 134 consecutive quarters of standing in a queue to buy a small piece of dark-coloured bread.

:lol: there's Darling's new measurement right there; "well when we talk about recession it could be worse, it's not as bad as the former USSR..." Maybe we get spoilt and get free bread and x -factor..

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