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He would have more luck trying to persuade Germans in Berlin (circa 1941) to convert to orthodox judaism

I've always fancied being a Jew.

Oww...owww.....why are you gassing me?

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No thanks, i'm going to turn water into wine to make my £1m.

Age 13 I was given 'The Boys Book of Chemistry' at Xmas. Had a cool chapter on magic tricks which included turning water red, then blue and back to clear again. I added some patter and my 7 year old brother was well impressed. Off he goes to Sunday school and they were telling the class about Jesus turning water into wine.

Says he 'My brother does that'.

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forward the site to gordon brown..maybe he wont be so keen to bailout busted property developers.

Actually it might just give him the answer to the question 'How the hell am I going to finance this bank bailout and increase in public spending ?.... Hey.. I know... I'll fund it through property !!!'

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