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Gold is an endlessly recurring topic here at HPC - even here in the main forum, where sometimes multiple threads mainly concerned with this topic have popped up on the first page.

And it is repeatedly mentioned in other threads where it is often germane.

In previous years STRs and traditional savers have had to worry about where safely to keep their savings and, of course, some have hoped possibly to increase their real value. It's no wonder, therefore, that the issue of investing in precious metals keeps cropping up.

Over the last year the fragility of the financial system has become increasingly apparent and over the last few weeks even dire.

Let this thread be a "micro-forum" to help people looking for well sourced information and informed, balanced opinions on the pros and cons of investing in precious metals, and on related economic and financial matters.

Please vote this thread as a 5-star thread.

(I can't vote, I think, as I'm not an approved member.)

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Hahaa. :lol:

Why bother allowing it through moderation and then moving it?

I would be happier if it were not allowed through moderation.

HPC has become a cultist nest of disinformation.

RealistBear posts a thread on gold is under $800 dollars and it runs. Big deal. What about under $700 etc. Or what about over $800 or over $900 etc.

The bias and deliberate disinformation is palpable and a deliberate disservice to the members here who mostly are ordinary members of the general public.

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