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What Will Actually End All This?


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things will be back to normal after all of the bad debt has been purged from the system, and the basic economy gets back on track as far as production.

thats one of the reasons that the bail-outs can be so dangerous is that they prolong the badness by dumping ever larger amounts of bad debt into the system, that then has to itself get purged in the future.

either way we are looking at at least a 15-20 year process.

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What's got to happen before everyone exclaims 'thank f*ck that's all over' and lets out a huge sigh of relief?

Do you mean everyone, or everyone on HPC?

Most muppets only realised something might be wrong this weekend.......

& if they were trying to sell a house they just upped the denial to compensate.

EDIT:- Hey M-i-S, hands off Strictly!

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