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Eu Talking Over Ireland Bank Move

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The guarantee of bonds and Tier 1, 2 and possibly 3 stuff is just bizarre. They might as well just have nationalised all Irish banks.

Bizarre indeed. No wonder there are mentions of billions rushing to Irish banks, institutional investors must be moving there in droves.

Quite destabilising.

Thanks for the link.

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This line from brown is an absolute belter!

This is the man who wants to trample all over competition regulation in order to force through the Lloyds takeover of HBOS!

Fact is, if this government wants to compete it can match the deal. That is what competition is all about. Not forcing everyone into a conformist straight jacket. And if it can't match the deal, really, does it deserve to still be in business?

How is it competition to say 'the other guys are offering a better deal, they have to join the cartel'? This is the same government who like a bunch of obsequeous toadies prosecuted for selling in pounds and ounce when headmaster Brussels pulled out the cane. This is also the government that is so authoritarian that it enforces those ludicrious laws about not selling unlisenced produce and making sure that the banana has the right level of bendiness. I hope the Irish will be like the French and say 'Feck 'em'.

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Of course they'll have to lend it out, they won't be able to pay interest on deposits otherwise!

Sorry I meant to add loaning the cash out in Ireland (in recession).

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If the eurozone is a giant game of cards, then the Irish are playing ...

Poker: just gone all in.

Bridge: close observation of the sequence of play results in a bid-destroying finesse.

25s (best game in the world): bold lead with the five of trumps sucks out the juicy singletons.

Seriously, what they've done is fascinating. But the only certain thing is that Frankfurt will have much more say over Irish fiscal policy.

Should the UK be at the table???

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Guest vicmac64

Report in the Times - at least ONE CORPORATE has moved .5 billion euro to Irish banks from UK? How long do you think the UK banking system can stick this?

More importantly - I can't hear that tool Cameron or his funny handshaking buddy G?.

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So who reads the FT (I do) but who else in civvy street? Where is our glorious Gollum creature on TV shouting about this????

Gollum Brown - lets rename him and stick to it.

Gollum Brown, Gollum Brown, Gollum Brown

Thanks alot, got visions of him being kicked out of number 10 while he's sobbing my precious! my precious! now lol

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