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I Wish I Had Kept That Bloody Letter ! (from A Major

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A bit over a year ago I wrote a letter to one of the 'big' mortgage companies.

You guys had mentioned on here that we should write to this 'lender' and complain about the fact that they were 'offering' 8 x salary/ 0% deposit/ interest only/ 125 % Mortgages .......... (the usual kind of thing that was going in then.

Anyway I did write to them explaining that a big 'crash' was coming and how could they be so

negligent etc. etc.

Anyway I got a letter back where they 'nicely' told me I was an idiot!............................

"The market is stable"

"We are confident in our 'lending criteria"

"We spend a lot of time analyzing the market and we would not lend to anyone who we thought

could run into troulble " etc etc.

God ! I wish I had kept that letter (think I binned it in disgust).

Would like to write to the person who wrote it and really give them a piece of my mind! :angry:

(if they are still in a job of course !) :P

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