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London Tonight and Potential Follow Up

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London Tonight and Potential Follow Up

I think Gavin and BP did a brilliant job. Kirsty certainly came across as unconvincing (as she was all too aware of when she said "I can feel my face going red")and having had her cage rattled (as demonstrated when she made comments about the power of the internet).

In my opinion I think we should be capitalising on this media exposure by trying to get some more. This could be done by sending the editors of national newspapers a copy of the transcript of the programme and/or the video clip. It might be worth suggesting to them that this could make a good article for a Sunday supplement magazine (i.e. background story and details about the website with a few interviews to make up the case examples that are often included in such articles).

It would be a shame to let this oportunity go to waste.

What do others think?

(I posted as Bousy on the Open Debate part of the website)

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A newspaper article, or Sunday newspaper supplement item, would allow the website to put some of the argument put across by Gavin and BP on London Tonight in more detail. It would also provide an opportunity to indirectly debunk Kirstie Allsop's response last night and to debunk some of the common myths put forward and used by the TV property programmes, mortgage lenders and all the other housing market bulls. Points put forward by SeenItAllBefore could be included:

"Perhaps someone should send a few questions to London Tonight for Ms Allsop to answer next week. For a start, I'd certainly like to ask her how much more, in real terms, this generation's going to have to pay for a roof over its head compared to its parents and how this is likely to affect its disposable income and ability to save for its retirement. "

(Hope you don't mind me copying and pasting this SeenItAllBefore - I just thought you made a good point).

Again I would advocate giving newspapers a sketch of what such an article might contain/look like - have some history and background about the website, the rationale and reasoning for its existence, the arguments as to why a house price crash is likely, the debunking of common house market bull myths and 2 or 3 interviews to create case studies to illustrate the reality of peoples situations created by the high house prices.

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