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Urgent Warning: Britain Is Going Bust Again!

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Britain going bust

just landed in my spam folder - it's incredible how these con merchants have turned full-circle. These [email protected] were ramping the "become a property mogul on the back of the bank's money" schemes until a few months ago. Now they're the doom-mongers who saw the bust coming and if you just follow their advice (all for a measly few quid) you too can benefit from their infinite wisdom and become a squillionaire in no time. I find it weirdly offensive and amusing in equal measure - how many people will get sucked into these kind of schemes I wonder? I'm just amazed that there is no legislation to protect sheeple from these criminals - I guess some folks would say if they're stupid enough to fall for it then they deserve everything they get.

Just thought you guys might find it funny / interesting.

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