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Optimistic Pricing In Edinburgh

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60/1 Henderson Row, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5BJ Offers Over 3.75k per m^2.

Wow. Floorplan

2.8m x 2.4m "Double bedroom"


4.7m x 3.9m Lounge/Kitchen/Dining/Guest bedroom

Good news - there is a cupboard for clothes/ironing board/hoover - so better than most new builds.

Get in quick.

This went for 138,200 - suggests competition and works out at 4274m2

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23a Morningside Place, Morningside EDINBURGH, EH10 5ES

£4.2k per meter.

Home report says 95m^2+garden. Plans on the council site show the buyer gets the pavement to front door strip off the original house and some behind, not the full depth of the plot which retains garden behind.

Offers over 420k.

Last sale - Dec 2012 for 280k. Was extended after, with kitchen/diner and shower room which looks about 30m^2 more to an existing 60m^2. So uplift on floor area alone would be 364k which itself would be £3.8K per m^2.

Objections were raised to the extension - so pee'd off NIMBY's as neighbours.

Seems a bit mental on price, but maybe not cloud cuckoo land going by 2012 price - just not giving away.... yet.

This went for 437k

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It looks like the Gillespie Crescent flat sold for £277K. Let’s hope the new owner has knocked down some plasterboard walls and returned it to its proper layout, although they’ve probably just shoved six students into it instead and are raking in £1,500 per month rent. (The link no longer works, but if I remember rightly, this was one of those flats in which internal walls had been put in to divide large double bedrooms up into two long, narrow ones.)

That flat previously sold for £345K in Oct 2007 – ouch!

Sold again, Nov 13 for 337k - looks like it was converted/rennovated to a 3 bed.

40, Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, Mid EH10 4HX

£337,000 Residential 12 Nov 2013

£277,000 Residential 24 Oct 2012

£345,000 Residential 31 Oct 2007

£249,500 Residential 24 Nov 2006

£327,500 Residential 04 Oct 2004

£266,000 Residential 03 Oct 2003

£301,950 Residential 28 Nov 2002

£180,000 Residential 18 Jul 2002

£210,000 Residential 11 Jul 2002

£205,000 Residential 31 May 2002

£149,550 Residential 09 Jan 2002

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Not had a look for ages now but i glanced in the Window of your move in Gorgie Road Last night what with all the hype about the property market moving again.

Not much on but i noticed this one http://www.your-move.co.uk/property-for-sale/flat-flat-for-sale-)--wardlaw-place-edinburgh-eh11-1-sale-id-528166638

I Recall these things selling over 100k back in the day 2007/08 maybee things are selling but anyone who bought 7 years ago is not sellin thats for sure and what with the lending criteria tightened and interest rates going to rise hmmm it would not be me.

Dont know how much thousands you would need for a deposit and legal fees to buy and how much per month the mortgage would be but you could rent this http://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/details/32759684 with no hastle and no interest rate time bomb.

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That would have sold for circa 120 at peak.

Found a few more for this thread. Shared equity buyers trying to get out. Chances are slim to none. Nice that housing associations are part of the scam too.



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Or for the same money as the shared equity two bed gorgie flat - you could get a two bed in morningside with private entrance, study and fully usable attic space. Mmm - tough call. Just shows how much of a scam shared equity is.


They vet the candidates - presume stage one is to look for the tattoo of MUG on the buyer's forehead.

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Holy ****** !!

This is the corner plot that used to be a nice bungalow on barbton grove , Edinburgh.

Bought around 2007 - I remember it being mothballed for years. The prices they are asking are actually insane.

I used to live in the fairly new flats just along from this. 2 bed in there for 220-270k. They are taking the Mick as it is. In between there is a nice 60's block where each flat has a balcony and a garage. 2 bed in here is 140-170k.

Asking close for 400k for a 2 bed next door really is mental IMO. This are London prices. A huge 2 bed in a world heritage site new town area can be had for 300k easily !!


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"suit either nearby residents or daily commuters looking for secure parking with an easy bus link into the city centre or nearby business parks."

What the actual ******. You could of course - if you wanted to for whatever ******ed up reason - just park on the road around the corner and do exactly the same.

I can see why people try and sell garages and spaces in central Edinburgh for silly amounts - there is seriously restricted parking - but in Barnton ?! Very few of the streets around there have any parking restrictions at all.

Most of the houses around there have their own garages- and that big block of flats itself ? Every single one has its own garage as well.

This one really mystifies me.

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Just been browsing through Edinburgh RightMove listings, and this is quite the attempted flip.

Bought in October 2016 for £76,000. https://espc.com/property/14-8-crown-street-edinburgh-eh6-8lu/34810962

Done up with a new kitchen, a paint job and some artfully-placed made.com furniture and now on for offers over £120,000.


Quite a nice job but, presumably, the flat is still located above a Papa John's pizza restaurant.

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On ‎27‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 6:38 PM, Paul77 said:



Last sale
£40,000 on 20th Oct 2005

First listed

£280,000 on 23rd May 2017

Beyond even joking about, but no doubt some nutcase will "buy" it with help from mum and dad plus a grandparent or two? You can feel that even the people writing the EA spiel know that this is all just nonsense now.


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On 27/05/2017 at 6:38 PM, Paul77 said:



Last sale
£40,000 on 20th Oct 2005

First listed

£280,000 on 23rd May 2017

If you look at the hostorical prices for the whole street they are all over the place


I think it is the ground floors that go cheap and the double uppers that cost more, maybe theres an 11a and 11b or something and so the numbers are just wrong.


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