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The gf and I have been chatting about what to do if the poo really hits the fan.

Yesterday we were chatting about starting one of these, but then our Latte's were getting cold.

Anyways these guys started out in Perth in 1984. As I wrote in another topic, there's nothing to beat hocking the family silver when you need to pay the mortgage.



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So could this be one of the best investments of the next five years?

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Somewhat, I would imagine, but if you need to get money fast and expect to buy items back, then ebay isn't a substitute for the local pawn shop.

I'd imagine they'll be booming during the bust. Are they on the stock market :) ?

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Have these sort of businesses been affected by the rise of eBay and the like?

A lot of dealers in 2nd user goods hate ebay as it cuts out the middle men ie. them.

I read an amusing article about the dealers in Bermondsey Antiques market moaning about ebay destroying the trade, a bit rich considering a lot of them had been making a fortune for years by paying a lot of folks peanuts.

I sell on ebay quite a bit & IMO have noticed a slowdown in sales, but this may have been down to it being the quietest time of year business wise recently.

Many areas of ebay will get hit as well with a consumer slowdown/recession. Although maybe some collectables will become another investment area (at least you can enjoy looking at them in the mean time).

A lot of ebay categories get swamped with stuff. ie. kids clothes, so its hardly worth the effort after listing time & ebay fees, packing etc.

Does anyone know the name of the guys who started Cash Converters ?

Can't find any history on their website (one of the most garish sites I've seen). I did some work for a guy who clamed to have started Cash Converters & then got ripped off. He bumped me for £450 & I had to repo his stuff - ironically ! Of course he could have been a mad liar.

EDIT: Seems Cash Coverters came to the UK in 1991, starting in Gants Hill, Essex.

Cash Converters Research Report http://www.tricom.com.au/members/r/tanne/C...ch%20Report.pdf

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Blimey, Cash Converters have 7 stores in Liverpool/ Merseyside, I would assume they are more popular here & target such poverty stricken areas, as the residents have no choice but to use their services because they are in the 'financial excluded bracket'


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heres my tip for the day

Just like the paper shredders - the next big EBAY boom I reckon will be Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy stuff (especially the older videos) due to the movie comming out - BUY BUY BUY!

I'd agree Trev, if it wasn't available on on DVD - http://www.find-dvd.co.uk/BBCDVD1092.htm .

By coincidence, I did sell the original 2 cassettes of the radio 4 series (ex-library)from 1981 for about £11. Re-watched the 80's TV series recently & it still holds up. It will be interesting to compare the new movie.

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