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House Prices In London - On The Increase?


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Oh sorry, just a quick update then, are we agreed that the LR is correct and house prices in London are on the increase or is the LR wrong and need we be wary of figures they produce?

There is no real consensus. It depends how they compare with a range of different sources over time. Anyway since it is a month out of date and most figures lag a bit... what is their collection process?

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The LR data is much like the light from a distant star. What you see in the data happened long long ago.

Nice analogy!

You put a smile on my face this morning :D

And as we pointed out before, not only is it lagging, but part of the reason for the lag is that it only reflects done deals, which at the early stages of the crash were on the better quality homes and so on average a bit more expensive. Sales now going through are starting to happen at deeper discounts, so I expect the land registry to have to play of bit of sudden catch up - a bit like the fat kid on the school run, at the back at all times, but occasions a quick 50 metre burst to catch everyone one up before falling right back again.

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If I use my recent sale as an example, I would say that the LR figures lag the Haliwide figures by 5-6 months.

The way I see it is that the Haliwide figures are based on the valuation which in most cases happens quite early in the sale.

The LR figures come out after the solicitor has registered the sale and this is 2-3 months after completion.

My sale as an example:

Offer accepted Mid March

Valuation end of March

Completion end of May

LR figure available, about now although I can't find it yet.


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land reg is right ! house prices are rising ....

there is a buyer in the market ... a BIG buyer .....

GORDON BROOOOWWWWNNNNN .... the man has your billions at his disposal and he doesn't care how he spends it !!!

take E16 a sunny suburb of east london ... in the last 3 months 88 out of 152 (57%) of housing transactions involved a newbuild development called the oxygen the average unit selling price for these houses was 373,654 quid that is a massive 128,627 quid more than the average selling price of the area (represented by the 64 other transactions in the poscode) which if we exclude the oxygen is 245K

these new build flats bought at hundreds of thousands above the market prices are being attempted to be shifted by these muppets using the exotic nu-lab ownership structure nu build own nothing



so there you have it tax payers money straight into the pockets of the developers manipulaqting the market and driving up average sale prices by 70 K sterling !! WTF how did these muppets get in !!


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