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Warning! - The Bbc Graph Will Level Out

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Stating the obvious here, but the BBC annual HPI graph will level out when we reach a constant YOY figure, i.e. when all the rises of last year have finally dropped out of the YOY figures. At that point, the graph will go horizontal-ish. This will presumably happen after about November this year.

As most of the 'experts' seem to fail to grasp the most elementary maths:

I hereby predict that this will be falsely interpreted by all those with a vested interest, as the market bottomming out.

Of course the real bottom will be when the graph rises to zero again.

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quite, can someone reserect this post when it happens? (OP)

I think you mean ressurect (or revive).

"Reserect" would be a malfunction of the peni5.

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Hmm, I thought that graph looked a bit scary for any visiting VI's and in trying to soften the blow, I found the solution to the HPC. Forget SLS, Stamp Duty Holidays and all that crap.

We just need to make the months a bit longer.


:lol: :lol: :lol:


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