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The sentimentality of owning a home seems to be on a very slippery slope, daily negative home, market, credit and job data & newtons theory seeming to pull it faster and faster to an inevitable crunch on the ground or at least to a monumental correction point to 'affordable/not credit financed til you die' levels. But there also seems to be a real lack of interest in homes and houses as well, as if they are suddenly no longer a pot of honey but a lifelong financial anchor and flashpoint. As the previous housing cycle used to move around from the FTBs onwards to 2nd Homes etc and as this part of the wheel has grinds to a halt and will shortly start to oxidise, will any amount of govt fiddling, market fugde this, credit provision that bring about a resurrection to the 'fear & uncertainty' that seems to have spread through the 20-30 somethings with the potential to lose whatever savings they have and what about the switched and cynical generation-Y? Anyone remotely clued up can see that this greed driven, finance aided bubble is wobbling massively and the pop will be very loud indeed. So will our PMs tinkering, the Chancellors proposals and BoE really be able to change the sentimentality which seems to have already when and truly bolted? Thoughts please...


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Yes it will , if it bothers plenty of people to be paying £1 more, after the price of petrol fell from 1.24 to 1.12 , and they rant at me for ages about it, losing oh £100 a day with the current HPC will bother them much more....

With a huge feeling of helplessness too as houses are different:

You can't walk away from a house , I can sell my 650CC bike for a 250cc bike or a 125cc bike or nuclear option the 44cc bike I have in the back garden. And every month when the DD comes out of your account it hurts all over again.

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