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What Are The Most Influential Books You've Read?

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I remember when a friend -who knows nothing about money at all(he found it on a train and thought I'd be the only person he knew who'd have an interest in it)- gave me a book by marcel link

'High probability trading'


I was hooked.Well written in laymans English,full of interesting notions and ideas for speculation through TA,but most importantly,stressing time and again,that to win with investing you increase your chances of winning by finding the 'value' bets,rigourously cutting losses and running winners.The fundamental basis of the book is pretty much in it's title.

In terms of books I wish i could understand Edgar E.peters

'fractal market Analysis,applying chaos theory to investment economics'


is the book I would love to be able to understand completely,unfortunately-I am Like RK in thtat 'I have an embarrasingly small/average sized brain'.I could follow some of the broader themes but became totally lost with the maths and the discussions thereof..Even if I'd paid attention at school,it wouldn't have helped.

"'fractal market Analysis,applying chaos theory to investment economics'"

mandelbrot has a good book - he likes his fractals


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Not strictly related to trading or anything, but this book by Dr John Sarno changed my life (and saved my career in the process):

Mindbody Prescription

It's an essential read for anyone who wants to cure persistant back pain, RSI, fibromyalgia, workplace stress or anything similar. It totally changes your perception of how your body and mind works, and it really does work. It's a shocking tragedy so few people know of this branch of healthcare.


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The polymesmeric Catch 22 - I have been happily confused by Money, Life, and 'Anything' since first reading it in my late teens.

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indeed greysquirrel,a book that features in many peoples top ten list.

I rememeber reading something about a famous guy in the states who went round putting 'yossarian lives' stickers everywhere after he read it.

I would be eager to invest in any company that finds a lucrative market for chocolate coated cotton.

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Knowing and understanding, takes the fear out of being ignorant as to why events take place. For instance, if in an elected democracy the "powers that be" are "ethically" corrupt, they need to camouflage that fact from the electorate. Hence we have the "War on Terror"

So to better understand what's happening "in our time" and more importantly why its happening, the following book is a must read IMHO. Geopolitics and money go hand in hand, once you understand that, you can better understand where we are today and why. As one would expect "Peak Oil" features prominently in this book

It was written four years ago, hence it is interesting to see how things have panned out..........he cited the inevitable rise of the Euro..................and look where it is today. My only regret is, i did not read it earlier.

Petrodollar Warfare

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