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Don't Buy! ..wait It Out!

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Now that it is general knowledge that:

1. There is a HPC going on

2. It is worse than the last one

3. Its going to get a lot worse yet

They know it makes sense to wait. Prices will gain momentum to the downside as soon as unemployment rises and despair sets in. Probably just after Guy Fawkes night when the evenings get darker and Gordon* is still telling every one that his job is to get on with guiding the economy in its darkest hour etc etc...


* He may not survive the summer--50:50 chance Milliband will push him out?

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Wait it out? Have they any CHOICE?

LTV's down, new builds almost unmortgageable, wages static, jobs under threat etc etc?


Massive food inflation

We now think paying 111.9/litre for petrol is cheap

Massive energy inflation

Ever increasing taxes

Hundreds of thousands unable to sell....many in MASSIVE negative equity.

The top will come of the pressure cooker very soon.....

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