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Man Lay Dead In Bed For 2 Years

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Yes the Finns can be a cold bunch - there are just 2 on my island and they barely talk. Ome smokes a lot of Ganja mind you, so she might be too stoned to talk. Did you hear about the Finnish guy who did not notice his wife had died for a whole month? The sex was still the same, but in the end he noticed because the washing up was piling high in the sink.

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It's not just old people.

How many of you work with a quiet, single person, over 40, who lives alone . . . ?

I probably have a conversation with a human about once every 2 months when I manage to force somebody into meeting for a beer. It's hard work getting people to do things with you as they've all got their lives. So you don't want to be a nuisance, and so you stop asking in the end as you get knocked back so often. Not because they don't like you, it's just everybody's got other friends/family pulling them every way.

i'll be your friend

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I've lived alone for 4 years now & it's not nice. I'm 47, attractive, gsh etc etc etc ( notice the lonely hearts adspeak ). However, I would rather be alone than with the wrong partner. Sometimes life can seem bleak, but then something happens to brighten it all up again. I would love to have a wide circle of friends and/or a partner but I don't think that's going to happen now. Most people I know are completely wrapped up in their own lives & families ( quite right too ) and can't spare much time for socialising with singles. C'est la vie :-)

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I'm a bit surprised that the postmen or deliverers of free advertising did not notice the large pile of post accumulated over a long period of time, and then, say, alert the police to check it out.

Local councillor Paul Gott, of Hyndburn Council, said: "Everybody knew Brian was very reclusive. He would go out late at night and come back in the dark in the morning.

And those other things........ when he passed shop windows there was no reflection....

and how he would cross the street before walking past the French restaurant when

the garlic was cooking......

He's not dead at all .......

Just undead.

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Well its sad but maybe that's what he would of wanted. Reclusive's are reclusive for a reason and I'm sure it must of crossed his mind about the consequences of his departure.

But I think many become reclusive due to unfortunate sets of circumstances and it is something that happens not through choice but by circumstances.

No one really speaks to those in their neighbourhoods any more so I predict this kind of thing will happen more and more often as the gossiping neighbours will no longer notice that they have not seen Mr Soandso for a while.

I fully expect to turn into a person who lives alone with far too many cats to be healthy so at least they will get a good feed and maybe keep the smell down a bit.

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