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Why Doesn't Someone Just Tell Them...

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As I've got my moment of fame I'd just say I'm a long time lurker on here, bought a flat in 2005 so I know not ideal. But I wanted to move out from my folks had a deposit and kept the mortgage to 3.5x so took the plunge, though agree with the majority on here that the main issue here is mortgage availability and not the usual supply/demand rubbish.

What I don't understand is why doesn't someone (reporter/media) ever say to Mr Darling or Mr Brown when they are talking about first time buyers, affordability, part buy schemes, and getting the mortgage market moving, that yes but as prices are dropping currently in time people will be able to afford homes so you don't need to do anything or come up with any plans. The only reason I can come up with is that no one actually has any money in this country and the countries economy is now totally linked to house prices.

I know this might have been mentioned before, and yes the media can be potentially as biased as everyone else, but I've just never heard anyone every say it to them directly. Obviously they might ignore the question and go on about global problem/oil prices but just to hear someone ask the question would be good!

I agree 3x mortgage would be great, personally I'm a bit torn as on the one hand I'd like prices to drop so that the second step on the ladder would be more in reach but on the other hand psychologically you want prices to rise if you own however contradictory this is!

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