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Iran Warns It Could Close Waterway Vital To Oil Shipments

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Iran warns it could close waterway vital to oil shipments.

And it has a new naval weapon that can sink enemy ships within 300km range.


This is starting to sound like oil ramping , maybe for the supposed new iranian oil bourse - trading in euros - of course ;)

It seems like every other day there is tit for tat comments and threats now been hurled by each side. Lets hope it just remains as a war of words.

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The weapon to which he refers is a god believer in a high speed rib and lots of explosives.

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TEHRAN: Iran on Monday warned that it could close a waterway in the Gulf that is critical for oil shipments and announced that it was in possession of a new naval weapon that could sink enemy ships within a range of 300 kilometers

The americans can defend against these Russian weapons and they know it so don't be suprise if the fleet of ships are parked in the danger zone and sank so that suport is drumed up for america and the thugs in the white house gets even more public money to develope a new weapons system.

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