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Property Website Addiction

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addicted? Pish that's twaddle, never heard of such a thing in all my years of incessant posting on HPC, Im going to have to do a couple of hours of searching my old posts just to confirm I haven't seen this before...

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Apparently this is a recent trend.. heh.

Never mind that nonsense about it being fun to snoop in other people's houses, I think people have their eyes square on the price.

1 in 4 is a big number though, wonder how much this will accelerate the crash by?

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They may have a point. I have a fried who I asked what sites do you normally visit (to set-up their bookmarks) and the answer, "I only ever look at Rightmove" and then, "At least once a day".

They're not looking to move but there is certainly an unhealthy obsession with the price of local and expensive property.

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Interesting news report which claims many of us search property sites with no intention of ever buying the property



I think they mean people do it with no intention of buying now.

I like looking because:

1) You see what other stupid tossers have paid for sh*tholes.

2) You see how the "other half" in the mega places live.

3) You can use property bee when your on the sites to monitor the crash.

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Addiction to property websites...how very dare you!

My mother and I have been coming to this website for 4 years... I've never been so insulted in all my life.

Just because a man likes to get a bit of bang for his buck, you just assume he wants to play with your assets!

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