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Extreme Makeover House In Foreclosure


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...just read the comments made so far... justifiable anger IMHO

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

"I can't understand what they are so angry about.

The owners merely reinvested the capital in proprty development.

What could be more sensible?" - Almost anyone outside this site, August 2007

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Wow! As I've maintained for a long time, some people can't handle having money (or access to it) 'must spend and get rid of it!'

Its actually understanding the value of nothing and the price of nothing. I think they didn't value it because they were given the damn thing. They were even shipped off to Disney Land (I thought that that sort of stuff was reserved or kids with cancer) while volunteers offered their charitable time to build it 450 grand's worth of charity. They did nothing for themselves. They invested nothing of themselves. They treated it as a disposable and now it is disposed. They will likely now present themselves as hard done by (oops. they already are. a 'construction business' that failed due to the recesssion... rather than because they didn't know the first thing about the construction industry???)

And then they were given scholarships for the kids on top of that of 250 grand. People who know the price of nothing and the value of nothing.

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