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Rents In London Decreasing

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I remember way back when circa 1992 when you could rent a 1 bedroom flat in London (East Dulwich) for less than £400 a month. You don't get a room for that much now!! My best friend happens to be a 'property developer' in London. She hasn't put her rents up for 5 years - she wants stable tenants. Although, she was recently talking about putting them up. She probably has a bit of leeway, not having put them up for so long. Still, rents in London are ridiculous. Back then, I ended up buying. The mortgage on the 2 bed flat I bought was around £400 a month. Cheaper, at the time, than renting the same. Will that day ever come again???? :(

The primary reason we moved from London was rental prices, the accommodation you get was attrocious in the normal middle range brackets.

We have a property 10 times the size we had there (W12) and are paying far, far less in Yorkshire...fresh air too...no planes, no tube, no buses.

As we both earn more too we were lucky, but I think London is going to be the real pack of cards when it kicks in full swing.

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