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Have We All Forgotten The Vast Council Tax Increases?


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When I read these posts about the current situation and the world scenario it seems to me that we have forgotten that this government has had all homes photographed so that Council tax increases can be made on things such as a view from a window and suchlike. First of all no government will bring this in before the next election for their own survival but even if there is a change to a conservative government they will be in such a parlous financial state that they too will have to go along with this .

Now we are coming to an era where baby boomer home owners born 1940 to 1950 are retiring and in these cases it is true that no mortgage is involved but the highest fixed cost for a pensioner in their own home is the council tax and that will rocket in the next 2 to 3 years . I have not even mentioned energy costs .

IMO the effect of this will be a rush to leave UK or downsize by older persons to ensure their financial survival . The effect on the market when it will probably in its weakest phase will deal a devasting blow . Has anyone thought of this scenario in 2 - 3 years triggered by the Council tax revaluation

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