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Local Agent Getting Really Desperate

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Survival of the fittest, these guys are trying and they will succeed unlike you who cannot see the brass for the muck.

I have lost count of the bargain props I picked up over the years because the vendor was too daft to realise a house stinking of dog / cat / old people must have put off 90% of the potential viewers.

Times are tough if you need to sell - every advantage is needed.

Snotty little kids in suits will be EA no more, only the artful will survive.

Don't crow too much on the demise of the EA spiv, its mugs like you who kept paying silly money for bricks and mortar, no one forced you.


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Good spot Ianbe! I too find it a bit odd... For them to make some money out of this, they must have their own handyman that they have some kind of deal with, so someone is paying the cut that goes to the EA somewhere along the line, meaning the work is less likely to be a competitive price, surely?

I wonder how much they charge for their house not selling appraisal, and if it's anything other than a keen vendor could pick up by watching an episode of House Doctor or some other channel 5 property guff?

As was written in one of the local rags "news" articles - if your house isn't selling, it's either presentation, or price. If you can't manage/be bothered about the presentation, then you have to be flexible about the price - so guys like Robin can buy at the right price. If your house is nice then you don't need an appraisal on the little jobs around the house that need doing, because they'll already have been done... you need to drop the price!

I'll be delighted when the snotty little kids in suits stop being EAs - I want to deal with a professional with experience, who knows not to send me to "quiet houses" that turn out to be bungalows with building sites out the back with approach roads running up the sides of them, and treats me with a bit of courtesy, not like I'm their best friend... (ahh! The bitter memories of time wasters like Toni - you know who you are if you're reading this... :angry: )

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