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Is Now A Good Time To Dismantle The Welfare State?

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The welfare state in its present form is clearly not working but the inability of a globalised, mass migration 'free' market economy to create living wage opportunities by dismantling the welfare state the outcome would be mass-homelessness, criminality or troops on the street to control the dispossessed (actually John McCain in the USA is already advocating sending troops into areas of poverty and criminality, inspired by the quagmire of Irag and Afghanistan).

An attack on the Welfare state was done under Thatcher with the slashing of benefits for 16-18 year olds and the selling off of the nation's housing stock. At the same time she removed the sources of living wage working class employment and the McDonalisation of the jobs market has only got worse. A honest retail slave on minimum wage gets knocked up and she can have the same lifestyle as her manager for free and a little baby to love to boot.

In the early 90s my mother took me to Bristol for the day and she was so appalled by the sight of dozens of homeless teens sleeping in every doorway that despite living just down the road we hardly ever went there again. It was a lasting vision for her. She didn't much like the same scene in London wen she took me to an exhibition.

By attacking the the working class and poor-but-working Thatcher the whore-bitch created an underclass which has grown and grown and it won't be long before the totalitarians now not even bothering to hide their motives will be advocating military policing in no-go areas here. How very Chinese.

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The welfare state is not workign and it's not just the chavs and immigrants bringing it down but goverment corruption where crime pays so much to lawyers, Judges, Police, prison gards,.....................

Time to kick them all out and let the peoples common scence prevail.

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