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Scots To Receive Gas At Less Than Wholesale Price


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Scottish Parliament head Alex Salmond has signed an agreement with Gazprom's head Alexei Miller to supply Scotland with gas at cost plus the pipeline charges.

The private talks held in Moscow earlier this month it is believed were also attended by Vladimir Putin.

In a brief statement Salmond described the talks as "a great success, cementing even closer ties between two great nations. No longer will our people be subjected to the catasrophic results of ten years misrule by labour. The thought of our citizens being unable to keep warm in winter was our No1 priority & thxs to the generosity & understanding of our hosts no Scot residing in the homeland need worry".

To qualify for the scheme people will have to submit their birth certificates to their new energy supplier RuScot Gas.

In two adult families both certificates will be required.

It is hoped the new system will be in place by October 6th.

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