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Journal du net .

The newspaper of the web. 24/6/14.

Prix immobilier en France et dans le monde le point en juin 2014.

The price of property in France and in the world the situation in June 2014.

This link is a useful tool its not what is written that counts but the new updated property maps of France that count .

With three easy to use maps all you have to do is to pass your curseur over them to get an idea of prices and demand.

The first one gives you an idea of average prices by m2 for every county in France.

The second one shows you the price of property in the big towns and cities.

I like this one.....

Narbonne price 1,959 euros m2

Evolution over one month -2,18%.

Evolution over three months -1,37%

Perpignan price 1,534 euros m2.

Evolution over one month - 2,90%

Evolution over three months -4,35%

Evolution over one year - 10,49%.

The third map the index of property pression this is a new update for all of France June 2014.

The Aude 1/6/2014

The trend for falling prices.

0,4 buyers for 1 vendor .

This map is turning dark red as the buyers vanish from the market and prices fall .

Green would of been a better colour price falls should be in green not red .

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Coincidentally I know of someone preparing to sell up in Andorra. Property interests around the world, perhaps not millionaire secure as he's long bragged about. A house is not money, until it's sold for money.

A young relative told me of his weekend trip to Andorra last year, and how on his return, Andorra customs officials boarded the coach, questioning the number of cigarette cartons he had - taking them back to a student friend in Toulouse, where he was on the Erasmus programme in the Pink City.


This is an advert for a house on the boncoin for Venger and Soldintime by the way i might visit Andorra in second week of August.

A quick description.....

Urgent a charming house in Perigord Noir.

A charming little nest situated in the heart of the Perigord Noir 35kms from Sarlat and Perigueux.

Two bedrooms with a spiral cast iron staircase from the London Underground dating back to the Victorian era.

A barn to renovate;

A garden of 600m2.

Urgent sale because leaving the region bought for 120,000 euros.

Price 75,000 euros

This advert is special because they are selling below the price that they paid for over the last few months we are now seeing property being advertised below the price that they bought .Anyway i would not buy it because its a wreck in the middle of nowhere deep countryside you have to be able to cope with the lonely isolation.

I would offer 40 K at the most btw it looks rather creepy inside.

Yes, it's a bit creepy looking (1 spiral staircase (cast iron) vestige of the London Underground dating Victorian)..... isolated... can't immediately see the appeal.... I've finally just watched the last few episodes of Season 5 Breaking Bad, where Walt/Heisenberg holes up in a shack in New Hampshire, isolated and miles from anywhere with a new identity.... he's on the run from big police search. Similarly it might be a place to lay-low. Or maybe it's just a retirement retreat place... nearby medical facilities/shops?

Although I have limited knowledge of the region. The Périgord...known as the 'cradle of mankind' due to its wealth of prehistoric sites.

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A young relative told me of his weekend trip to Andorra last year, and how on his return, Andorra customs officials boarded the coach, questioning the number of cigarette cartons he had - taking them back to a student friend in Toulouse, where he was on the Erasmus programme in the Pink City.

Yes, it's a bit creepy looking (1 spiral staircase (cast iron) vestige of the London Underground dating Victorian)..... isolated... can't immediately see the appeal....

Although I have limited knowledge of the region. The Périgord...known as the 'cradle of mankind' due to its wealth of prehistoric sites.

You are allowed take 300 cigs from Andorra to France compared to 1,000 from Spain (as of the 1/1/14) the problem when going to Andorra in August are the traffic jams expect to spend at least 2 to 3 hours in a traffic jam.

Another border fag cheap alcohol supermarket town is the Le Perthus one side of the street is in France and the other side of the street is in Spain.

It took me nearly two hours to drive 12 kms last summer;.

Going back to the house for sale in France companies that call themselves SCI's might buy it an SCI could be a bank or a group of businessmen they are often slumlords they buy up cheap flats that are often up for auction and they rent them out to those who are on benefits.

They use estate agencies so that the tenant can't find out who the owner is but they also buy old houses and they gut them of any objects of value.

Such as an old 18th century fireplace or maybe a spiral staircase from the London Underground ?

They are then sold abroad on the antiques market once the house is gutted its then goes back to auction but it looks like an empty egg shell inside.

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Interesting info; thanks redwine. Yes I've been reading a bit about slumlords doing well, over the decades, from such practices - including one in Germany. Mostly seems like the money never runs out to keep on doing it, for the rents, tenants who don't kick up too much of a fuss to force improvements despite multiple complaints ignored, Govs keep adding on the debts, and the flips.

Broadly speaking, there are three different legal structures that can be used for the joint or multiple ownership of French property.
You can own property in one of three ways:
i. 'En Indivision'
ii. 'En tontine'
iii. 'Société Civile Immobilière (SCI)'
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La Depeche Gers 2/7/14

Saint Clar;

Gueguerre franco-anglaise autour de deux enseignes.

A French-English battle over two signs.


The signs have in vain used an english word 'Home gascon' but this does not please an english resident.

In the village square theres an estate agency that closed down ten years ago but the two signs are still there.

"Shocking" for an english resident who has started a petition that has two dozen signatures.

"I am not going to be told what to do by an englishman" in Saint-Clar has the 100 year war restarted.

Mrs Evenou who will soon be 82 years old risks being taken to court for a simple case of two signs that are still hanging on the front of the building even though the agency 'Home Gascon' that she created with her son closed down in 2004.

Its an englishman who recently came to live in Saint-Clar who started the offensive.

Mr Millard asked that the two 'Home gascon' signs should be removed "because they are not pretty and are ruining the atmosphere of la place de la Republique that is highly appreciated by the locals and the tourists".

A good prince he even offered to pay for the signs to be taken down.

The name 'Home gascon' belongs to me.

Mrs Evenou nearly strangled herself when she recieved a letter from the town hall.

"If my signs were so hideous i would take them down but did you know that the tourists like to have there photographs taken to show that they have been on holiday in the Gascogne".

But why leave the two signs on the building even though the estate agency closed down ten years ago ?

My son is an estate agent but he changed his job to become a wildlife photographer but if it does not work out he can come back to his old job.

Explains his mother who is angry that an englishman has come here looking for trouble to attack her son.

The Mayor "I believe that this will finish in court".

The mayor has tried to persuade Mrs Evenou to take down the signs it might of worked if the englishman had not got involved with his petition it just increases the pressure.

Signboards should be taken down after the business has closed after a certain period of time.

Mrs Evenou is not impressed.

"I am not going to move an inch i don't reply to his letters that have been sent by this Mr Millard who i have never seen it will be in the court house that i will defend myself alone".

It might seem funny but it seems that it will go to court signing petitions and then sending letters to an 82 year old french woman next it will be articles in the torygraph and MEPs and human rights etc etc.

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France Blue Bourgogne 1/7/14.

L'Yonne n'attire plus les acheteurs de residences secondaires.

The Yonne no longer attracts the buyers of residences secondaires.


The county is no longer the prefered garden of the Parisiens the English or the Dutch.

In the Yonne just like in other rural areas such as the Correze or the Cantal the holiday home market is collapsing.

With the crisis foreigners no longer come here anymore and the Parisiens have other priorities.

The prices are on free fall.

The holiday home market is best described as being disaster-striken.

In the Yonne prices have fallen by 30% since 2009.

Certain types of property especially big houses prices have fallen by 50% and anything above 200K does not sell.

The combined effects of the crisis and fashion.

"We are one and a half hours from Paris" explains Isabelle an estate agent in Auxerre "but the budgets are not the same 100K to 150K maximum this is the price of a holiday home today";

Eric says "its a commitment and for 400 euros you can go to Morrocco for a week ".

In the Morvan that is even further away from Paris we hardly ever see any buyers from Paris Martine EA in Avallon explains...

"To buy property in Paris as your main home is expensive to fill up your car with petrol every weekend to go to the countryside is expensive".

"To pay to look after a house in the countryside is expensive".

"So economically speaking to own a holiday home today is without a doubt an exception"

As for the foreigners "they left with the crisis".

In Avallon a house that was bought for a 120K five years ago is worth less than 90K today.

We are now seeing people who are looking for a house without any renovation work for less than 80K.

For the buyers its a windfall but for the vendors its sometimes dramatic some owners have carried out expensive renovation work but they can no longer sell for the price that they want.

These houses remain unoccupied for a few months or even a few years.

A small two bedroomed house where work had finished a few years ago but the buyers are rare.

The vendor made an effort and dropped his price from 66,000 euros to 56,000 euros hoping that a young local couple might buy it.

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France 2 10/7/14

La grande braderie des residences secondaires.

The big sell off of holiday homes.

This tv show was shown last Thursday and the link is available until next Thursday.

An amazing report about the state of the holiday home market in France.

The first house in the show is in the Perigord a 17th century demure a french family have put it up for sale because they can't afford the running costs.

A total of 22,000 euros a year they pay 3,000 euros a year in tax fonc a 1,000 euros in paint and 2,600 euros a year in electricity.

We then go to Normandy where a couple managed to get a 100k price reduction....."In this chic Normandy bourg nothing in the estate agents windows show that prices have fallen on the coast and in the countryside no for sale signs no price reductions and yet...the estate agents windows are overflowing with property thats for sale."

Due to the fear of prices falling all of the EAs in question refused an interview to explain how this couple managed to have a100K reduction except Chantal.

She has a 145 holiday homes for sale.

No visits!

We visit a vendor his house has been up for sale for 3 years and not a single visit and today his swimming pool is a handicap due to the high maintenance costs.

Orbec the sales are on !

One in two houses are for sale an E A tells his staff to put the pressure on the vendors '' drop the prices ,drop the prices'' he goes on...

"The buyers are not in a hurry i know of one who made a low offer it was refused and six months later he came back with an even lower offer and it was accepted a vendor even agreed to a -50% offer".

The sales are on in...



Pont Audemar


A couple fom Paris who had already visited 50 houses made an offer for a longere or a Normad house.

Price a 130K they bought it for 81K he wife said.."Its a game we just make an offer if its refused we look elsewhere".

The Charente.

Ten years ago prices exploded but today its the crisis.

The English who are in debt have deserted the region a house that they abandonned 3 years ago auction price 35,000 euros.

An ex- distillery where the English owners wanted to build an indoor swimming pool auction starting price 75,000 euros sold to a local woman for a 145,000 euros in the estate agency price 300,000 euros.

There will be another 20 holiday homes that are going up for auction in the Charente this year.

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It is a good programme and shows the problems facing anyone thinking of buying with respect to the lack of good price information in France. As I said about a year ago on this thread anyone who wants to buy should be thinking of offering 50% under what the agent is asking in these sort of areas. A lot of stubborn people will refuse to sell but there are dozens of similar properties on the market. I'm surprised that Normandy is so badly hit as I know people who live there and travel in to Paris but it just shows how severe the recession has been with no real prospect of any recovery until 2016 now.

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La Depeche 18/7/14.

Saint-Clar mettra ses enseignes aux normes .

Saint-Clar will put its signs to standard.


The controversy over the unwanted signs in the heart of the village of Saint-Clar is now on the way to finding a solution after the mayor contacted the 'departmenal directorate of the territories' or a gov't agency.

In our edition that was published on the 3/7/14 the disagreement between Mrs Evenou and Mr Millard an English citizen living in Saint-Clar over the sign 'Home Gascon' an estate agency that was created by her son and has been closed since 2004.

The sign should been taken down for Mr Millard.

A speedy reply and the civil servants visited the village on the 16/7/14.

The rules were explained a sign should be taken down within a delay of three months after a business has closed.

A diagnostic of all of the signs in the village was made and a number of violations of the law have been noted.

Contacted yesterday Mrs Evenou adds that the sign 'Property' will be removed between the 15th to the 30th of August in accordance with what has been agreed with the mayor before Mr Millard started his petition.

Theres only one readers comment...

"Obviously these English who have already colonized the Lomagne and have caused rising property prices and whats more they want to make the law here in our country.

Leave go back to where you come from.

Here you bring nothing absolutely nothing"

Yep its all fun in the Gers and at least she didn't end up by being taken to the European court of human justice...

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Well here we are on 30th July 2014 and it is now 6 years since the first post in this topic was made.

There is clearly interest in the French market although not all of the 1/4 of a million views of the topic have translated into sales of picturesque houses...!!

Go ahead and buy if you are really looking for a house to live in and can afford to lose some money, but my personal feeling is that we are now somewhere near the bottom of the market ( but only where prices have been set realistically in the first place ). One will soon be able to sell the stones and old beams so beloved of the Brits and Dutch for more than the cost of the buildings themselves.

Investment in anything other than a very large city would be foolish, and speculation on price rises generally would be rash in the extreme.

Thank you to all who have participated in the topic and I look forward to another 6 years of fun and information.

​I hope that together we have managed to save our readers from losing their wealth unnecessarily.


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Archicool 25/7/14.

Immobilier Le marché Francais en regions cache une devalorisation de près de 30 à 50%.

Property The French regional market hides a depreciation of nearly 30 to 50%.


Today there is a strong temptation to deny the reality.

A practice that is allowed due to the none public diffusion of property prices under the cover of 'the confidential respect of private life'.

This seems to be a lie that is hidden by a shadow.

Seeing as the property market is blocked due to a lack of demand the property index hardly ever changes.

Yet it is 'artificially saved' by those who have moved for work and evaluations of inherited property to pay the taxes.

Even the adverts in the estate agents windows don't move but the reality is that theres no more buyers arond to pay there asking prices.

The reduction can be up to 30 to 50% and even at this price nobody is in a hurry to own an 'energy abyss' that is a continuous worry.

Its simple the buyers have no cash and also the generations who are at the age of buying.

The slow vanishing of a class of age who became owners in the 1960's at that time property was worthless and nobody maintained it !

Luxury property is also a victim due to the leaving of the rich foreign property owners.

There has never been so many 'Belles demeures' up for sale.

In the big towns the rich foreign demand managed to compensate for a short time the collapse of the solvability of the French demand.

Today its a deep 'turn around' that is operating.

Disindustrialisation and the none renewal of generations.

The fear of so many regions !

Entire towns and villages are up for sale far away from everywhere due to new building standards and laws and the buying of a car for every member of the family and all of this in the regions that have poor public transport and infastructures.

In the far away regions property is now approaching a negative value.

The bricks are now worth nothing the end of a French myth.

This obsession that has been denied for such a longtime and the pauperisation of the younger generations the foreigners who came to France in the 1980's are today seeing there living conditions degrading .

The English know something about this it was they who at that time brought happiness to some regions due to a beneficial micro-climate.

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Bourgogne Le Journal du Centre 30/7/14

Proliferation de biens a vendre de moins en moins d'acheteurs.

Proliferation of property for sale and less and less buyers.


In the heart of Lomes the old demeures have been abandonned !

Alain climbs onto the wall and cuts back the hedge that has invaded the charming property of his now dead mother.

The house has been up for sale for the last 5 years.

"I have dropped my price many times i just want the property to live again".

His price is 90,000 euros.

The for sale signs of the two estate agencies in Lomes are spread out more or less everywhere.

"All of these for sale signs on the grey fronts of the houses does not encourage the tourists in there cars to stop and make a visit" says Florence head of the tourist information office.

In the main street Jean-Pierre an estate agent pushes open the door of an 18th Century building with a tower and a beautiful 1,000 m2 garden.

"The grand children live in Paris they inherited this property after the death of there grand mother and they want 200,000 euros for it".

Prices have fallen over the last few years and even property like this are often left unihabited for a very long time.

Across the street on the pavement a father and his four children on holiday are looking at the property adverts in the window of the agency 'Morvan Property'.

This happy group are the owners of a 110m2 flat near Paris price 300,000 euros.

"For the same price we could live here in a massive house with 5 bedrooms and 7,000 m2 of land".

Due to his job its out of the question to move here.

We sell mainly holiday homes says Francoise manager of 'Morvan Property' and her portfolio of property has been full these last few years.

"The Dutch who enjoy our green countryside are today deserting the old houses and most of them are selling up".

Between the inherited property of the expatriated children and the departures of those who migrate to look for work.

There is an abundance of property for sale.

"I only put up half of the for sale signs because its no good for the town nor for the houses".

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Charente Libre 23/7/14.


Le proprietaire coreen d'hameau retrouvé mort.

The Korean owner of a hamlet has been found dead.


The police in South Korea have announced yesterday that the body of the business man who was also the owner of the ferry that sank last April where over 300 passengers died the vast majority were school children has been found.

The body of the 73 year old was discovered by walkers on the 12th of June in an orchard.

Yoo Byung-Eun also known by the fictitious name of 'Ahae' was also the owner of the abandonned hamlet called 'Courbefy' in the Haute-Vienne.

His project was to create an 'international artists center'.

The death of the owner now risks putting an end to the future project.

The mayor has said that he will contact the architect of Paris who is in charge of this tremendous project.

"Courbefy a meeting place for artists from around the world we should know more in the next few days".

Shortly after the ship wreck the police wanted to interview him but he had gone on the run.

A few thousand police searched for him but in vain.

"We don't know if it was a murder or a suicide" said the police.

He bought the hamlet but he never did anything with it nothing has been done and i doubt if anything ever will be yet another nutcase scheme that never worked in middle of nowhere.

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The reduction can be up to 30 to 50% and even at this price nobody is in a hurry to own an 'energy abyss' that is a continuous worry.

Its simple the buyers have no cash and also the generations who are at the age of buying.

The slow vanishing of a class of age who became owners in the 1960's at that time property was worthless and nobody maintained it !

Remember you heard it on HPC first folks

16 August 2012

/in Brit ex-pat hell holes like the Poitou Charentes you would be daft not to knock 50% off the prices you see in the estate agent windows before putting an offer in.


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The journal of the net 25/7/14

Chomeurs en France hausse du nombre de demandeurs d'emploi en juin

Unemployment in France an increase in the number of unemployed in June.

This is a useful tool it shows you the number of unemployed in France by...


Age and Sex


Long-term etc

In June France metroplitane counted 3,398,300 category A unemployed.

Categories A,B,C 5,043,200 and (5,343,100 including the overseas depts).

All categories (A,B,C,D,E) in France metropolitaine 5,719,400.

Just looking at the counties in the Pas de Calais 88,200 are out of work.

The over 50 year olds are badly hit as well as the under 25 year olds.

Remeber that if you are thinking of coming to France to work or to start a business you are competing with the locals who are also looking for work or maybe thinking about starting a business.

You will also need a green health card and an address before any French employer will give you a job.

The fear of unemployment the crisis and i can't see things getting any better in the near future

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Talking about the crisis there exists many charities who help those in need the French ones that come to mind are the' Les Restos du coeur' and the 'Secours populaire francais' but there also exists a British Charity.

The British Charitable Fund,Paris.

A charity for the British community in France.

People we help.

People come to the BCF in times of financial crisis and more often than not there will be a precipipitating factor loss of a job a marital breakdown a death in the family,an accident at work pensions no longer sufficant to cover essential living costs.

And in many cases this will be compounded by chronic illness or deterioting health.Often they may have lost contact with family and friends in the UK and feel that they have no-one to turn to.

Who are they?

Someone you don't see out and about anymore.Perhaps an elderly person perhaps a single mum someone that you worked with,perhaps someone running a small business or perhaps a young person with no family to rely on.

What has become of them ?

They are at home trapped in a house they cannot sell and just about managing to scrape through to buy food but little else.

They are in complete despair and fearful about the future for themselves and if they are parents for there children.

What more can they do ?

You've tried everyhing to find work if you are young sold everything gone through your hard earned savings robbed Peter to pay Paul.

Turned down the heating and even accepted food parcels from the local Mairie.

Still there isn't enough,not even to move back to the UK.

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You will also need a green health card and an address before any French employer will give you a job.

That's not how it works.

For professionals (we're talking anything from an IT grunt to a company director to a University Lecturer) they will usually be head hunted/recruited for a position. The employer will deal with all the initial paperwork involving the state services and will probably find temporary accomodation for a few months and help with finding a permanent residence. They may pay to move all your goods and chattels too. Despite the high unemployment figures there are still skill shortages in the French economy in some sectors.

For low level jobs - bar staff, working on a building site etc again you will sort out tax and social security as part of the hiring process and again there are skills shortages in certain trades so not so hard to find work. You'll need an address if it is not provided with accomodation but that can be a hotel.

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Les Echos 22/8/14

La guerre des rosbifs met en emoi tout un village francais de l'Aude.

The war of the roast-beefs troubles all of a French village in the Aude.


Its the war of the roast-beefs in the village of Brugairolles in the Aude.

A struggle between English ex pats in France.

Faith and John Dyson a retired British couple who live in this village of 260 habitants have been in conflict for the last nine years with there nearest neighbours .

Krystyna and Forbes Dunlop another British retired couple.

The Dunlops can't tolerate that the front door and the windows of the Dysons have a view of a passage that they consider as being there property.

A banal quarrel between neighbours.

But last week Dunlops got serious and went even further .

They simply decided to 'brick in' there neighbours .

After having nailed the wooden front door and parked there van in front of the passage therefore blocking any access to there house.

The Dunlops then started to build a wall around the property of there compatriotes and as high as the first floor .

This gest was too much for the habitants of the village and on Monday all of the village mobilised to demolish the wall and to take away the barracks of the Dunlops.

The couple were then freed and they appreciated the help that was given by the French village.

"Its normal that the village helps its neighbours when they have been bricked in its a question of solidarity"said the mayor.

As for the Dunlops they have refused to talk to the French presse about this 'British War'.

The couple have contacted the European Parliament and also the police in Glasgow who told them to contact the local police.

The case is now in the hands of a local court hoping that it doesn't last a hundred years.

Imagine being bricked in alive by a couple of British old aged pensioners in a tiny village in SW France in the Aude not that far from Limoux !

Did they really expect the police in Glasgow to send a police car to France and the European Parliament are we talking 'human rights' !

They were also on French TV !

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France's other migrant problem - penniless and hungry BRITS: Their dreams of La Belle Vie turned to dust. Then they found the socialist French are far tougher than us - and won't pay benefits


Heather Davey (pictured with her daughter Holly, left) and Kim Edwards (right) both regret leaving England for a new life in France, writes SAMANTHA BRICK. They spent all their savings trying to renovate properties that were wrecks and struggled to get jobs. The British Charitable Fund, a charity established nearly 200 years ago to help destitute British people in France, is helping a record numbers of expats. Many are people like Heather who were lured to France by the prospect of developing, and profiting from, cheap, derelict properties, but who then fell prey to unscrupulous workmen, were mired in endless bureaucracy - and who found the French benefits system far less generous to outsiders than our own.

You just can't go wrong with bricks and mortar...


Feel a bit sorry for the daughter, (now 21) going out with her mother on this big move adventure and entering French school system at 14, without fluent french.

However life isn't just risk free, hpi and bailouts, protecting HPI for others, or wanting fresh money for those who unwisely spent it all.

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Feel a bit sorry for the daughter, (now 21) going out with her mother on this big move adventure and entering French school system at 14, without fluent french.

She is unemployed without any qualifications on average a 150,000 school leavers leave school every year in France without any qualifications the under 25 year olds account for 23% of the unemployment figures.

Heather says that she lives in Parthenay but the town of Parthenay is in the Deux Sevres which is far away from the Loire Valley.

She lives in Parthenay de Bretagne a small village with a population of just over a 1,000 in Brittany.

In the county of the llle et Vilaine not that far from Rennes.

The evolution of house prices for the last three months in this county are...

July 202,349 euros

August 201,486 euros

September 200,224 euros

These are asking prices.

In Parthenay de Bretagne there are a total of...

442 houses

411 are main residences

7 are residences secondaire

24 are empty

16 houses are for sale.

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La Vie Quercynoise 26/8/14

Immobilier les endoits ou il faut acheter dans le Lot.

Property the places where you should buy in the Lot.


"This summer there has been a welcome renewal of activity".

Michele manager of an estate agency in Souillac is very clear.The market is more and more difficult.

The fall in the market goes back to four or five years ago.

"Its fallen a little more this year....we reached our highest point during the years 2000 to 2005 when the English bought everything making prices go up".

The same English have now got older and they want to go back home but its very difficult to sell at the price that they paid for.

When facing this kind of situation Michele quotes a quotation.

"When there is less cash coming in you have to compensate this with less cash going out".

She has been in Souillac since 1996 and she was obliged to get rid of all of her staff.

The prices continue to go down and theres more and more for sale and not enough buyers.

Its the time to buy and theres lots of negociations that are going on sometimes they work or don't.

Certain vendors just don't want to hear anything and they are still persuaded that they can sell at a high price.

You have to be prepared to drop your price some of the buyers think that they can have a big house with land for a 150,000 euros.

The buyers believe that they are in a strong position and they are very hard to please.

Michele also says that the banks have got cold feet.

"Even if interest rates are low the banks only lend to those who already have money"

Souillac is in the Lot in the region Midi- Pyrenees the river Dordogne runs along side the town theres over 50 houses that are up for sale out of which 15 are dead they have been on sale for between 300 to 600 days

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Atlantico 23/9/2014

Ces Britanniques installes en France pour qui l'aventure tourne au cauchemar à la pauvrete voire à la fraude.

These British settled in France for who the adventure turns into a nightmare poverty and even fraud.


Altlantic interviews...

Catherine Higginson she is a blogger and she runs an internet site for British expats called "Survive France".


Thierry Vallat he is a lawyer in Paris who deals with social security fraud tax evasion and undeclared workers.

In France a number of English see there dream of a new life turn into a pit of unforseen difficulties.

So what pushes so many British to come and settle in France ?


France has always been our prefered holiday destination for many years.We enjoy the slow life in rural France the pretty old stone houses and the fields of sunflowers it reminds the English of what England used to be like a slow and secure way of life.

Theres lots of TV shows in the UK that show people who have moved to France and how they can buy much more in France than the UK for the same budget.

The retired have simply come to France for an enjoyable and relaxed retirement and they tend to succed the best.

They are happy (in general) with the weather that is better and the lower crime rates.

They tend to intergrate better maybe they are of a generation who are more accomodating and stoic.

Maybe its because they have more time to stop and discuss with the neighbours and to take part in village events.

They join groups that help them to intergrate and they aren't bothered about the mistakes that they make when they speak French.

Out of all the people that we know its the retired who tend to be happy and settled.

Then there are the young immigrants who need to work to earn a living this group tend to have more difficulties.

What are the difficulties that are facing these new expats?


The big problem is by far emotional the loneliness and the isolation its different in the big towns but in rural France where most of the expats head to its really difficult to make friends.

Its a big problem for women who are used to spending alot of time with there friends (going out shopping or going to a restaurant)

You have to intergrate but it takes time and its easier with other expats.

Social isolation is part of the expats life and its one of the reasons why there is such a high abuse of alcohol amongst certin members of the expat community.

The British living in France have in the past profited from the system do you know of any cases today ?


Certain British have knowingly frauded they took advantage of the cracks in the system and have shamelessly commited fraud they are real frauders.

Like this when URSSAF unmasked a British conman in Carcassone who had embezzeled 15,000 euros from the healthservice or the 150 false English benefits claimants in the Dordogne they cashed in a total of 660,000 euros.

The British have they got it wrong about France ?


They think that life in France will be like a holiday but for 12 months a year.

When you live here for 24/7 life in the countryside sends you mad especially if you come from a big town in the UK.

The old house starts to fall down and it costs a fortune to repair and the fields of sunflowers give you hay fever.

The English are attracted by the low price of property which means that they buy where the French don't.

These places have a weak economey so when they decide to leave they find themselves with property that is worth very little.

It takes a very longtime to sell on the market.

Often they have spent a lot of cash renovating and are unable to get this cash back when they sell.

They are caught out because they can't sell at the price that they want and even if they find a buyer they can't afford to buy a house in the UK and if they have no income they can't rent as well.

They are trapped in France there is no solution to this problem its a major problem that concerns the English who want o return back to there country.

Yeah these retired Brits in the happy villagers last month in the Aude a retired couple where bricked in by there retired neighbours.

Many paid a high price for over valued property in the middle of nowhere spent a fortune renovating and can't sell in places where the locals are poor and can't afford there high prices you see it was worthless before they bought and is still worthless today.

Game over welcome to happy France.

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Le Figaro 3/9/14

Immobilier Les etrangers se font plus rares dans l' Hexagone.

Property Today there aren't as many foreign buyers in France.

French property is no longer popular with the foreigners.

According to the 6th edition of 'investing and living abroad' published by BNP-Parisbas international buyers.

The purchases made by foreign non- residents have grown scarce in France.

The number of transactions concluded in 2013 has fallen by 13% when compared to the previous year.

A total of 12,390 sales were made when compared to 14,901 in 2012 and 15,073 in 2011.

Amongst the usual popular regions with the foreign buyers the Cote d' Azur that accounts for a quarter of the sales that are realised in France has seen the number of transactions fall by 16% .

Other regions that are popular with foreign buyers Brittany ( - 19%) but above all the Limousin ( -30%) that has seen the highest fall.

According to this study the fall in transactions is noticeable no matter what nationality the buyer comes from.

If the British nationals still hold the first place with 24.5% of transactions the Belgians are still second but have bought less 16.7% against 17.6% a year ago.

The Swiss are stable with 11% but the Italians who accounted for 15,4% of sales in 2011 today they only represent 8,4% of sales.

Theres a map of France on this link that shows you the number of sales in every region in France.

Brittany 486 down by 19%.

Centre 83.

Auvergne 92.

Limousin 375 down by 30%

Poitou-Charente 454 down by 17%

PACA 3,285

Haute Normandie 89.

So a total of 12,930 sales and 24,5% are British or 3,167 sales .

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Well its just not surprising, the country is so depressing. We have been here 13 years and all we see is depression.

It is so sad, but the country is to anti-business. Creativity is surpressed, dull is the word that comes to mind when I think of France.

This year I have travelled extensively in Europe, many of the countries I have visited are finacially in a worse state, yet they are more dynamic, progressive and creative. I fear for the future, without a dramatic change France is going to crumble, well in fact it is crumbling. Each time we visit our local large town a new shop has closed or is closing. There is no-one or nothing that can/has the inspriation to shake the system and turn it around. France is being strangled by the Euro, I am sorry to say but Ms Le Pen's views on France and its place in Europe are in fact true. Its so difficult to say as her actual true politics are so offensive.

We spent sometime looking at purchasing a second home in France, but no more, it just not worh it. In reality prices are in continous fall, why buy a house, when next month its going to be cheaper, in fact why buy anything of substance when we are in the mist of deflation. And of course if you own a home, then you have effectively an open wound, to be bled dry with higher taxes, with home ownership in France there is no escape.

For many the dream of a home in the sun has become a nightmare, I suspect this is a long slow road, prices will not recover for a considerable time, if they ever do. The 30 glorious years are long gone, the unique French social system is a car crash, why on earth would someone buy a holiday home here?

Sorry to be so negative, but its the reality of life and living in France in 2014.

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Nord Eclair 10/10/14

Hesdin la maison natale de l'abbé Prevost vendue aux encheres ce vendredi.

Hesdin The natal home of the father Prevost is to be sold at the auctions this Friday.


The jewel of local partrimony in the town of Hesdin where author of the famous book 'Manon Lescaut' was born in this demeure in 1697.

The property was built in 1660 and is today classed as an historical monument and has been since 1948.

This imposing building has seven bedrooms and three bathrooms and also a lavish terrace with a beautiful view is to be sold at the auctions this Friday at 2pm.

Three hundred and sixty square meters of history and the asking price is fixed at 145,000 euros its hardly more expensive than a flat.

Why an auction sale ?

The owners are English and can no longer afford to pay back there loan that they took out with Barclays the famous British bank.

The bank wants to get its money back and the sale is inscribed within the context of seized property and will therefore be executed by the court of Boulogne.

Can anybody bid ?

To become Manon and a knight of the court of Grieux is not as simple as that.

"Anyone can come but theres one condition and thats to be solvent ' explains a lawyer at the court of Boulogne.

The buyer has an obligation to be represented by a lawyer to whom he has to give a bank cheque for at least 10% of the asking price.

Just as the narrator of 'Manon Lescaut' said .."the interest of my life is now in your hands".

Probably a B&B or a gite that didn't work where guests dress up as medieval knights of the round table .

Again mega brit property that nobody wants or they might if its cheap but try to heat up seven bedrooms and all of the rest especially today with high heating bills and high local tax fonciere and habitation .

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