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Did Any Of You See London Tonight Yesterday, That

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This may have been posted already.

Did any of your see that soppy blond bimbo called 'LOUISE' the new so-called 'property expert' who seems to have replaced our friend KIRSTY on LONDON TONIGHT.

My GOD I could not believe it ........

They did a spot about how the LONDON property market is falling at levels unprecedented even by the last crash figures in 1990's. This soppy cow STILL managed to put a positive slant on it !

"Yes but property prices in LONDON have still gone up by 6 months in the last year !"

I felt like yelling a the telly "GIVE IT UP ! THE GAME IS UP ! "

She did look beaten though, rather 'nervy' and falling over her words.

Only a few months ago she was bleating on about how "Prices may 'soften' a bit, but there won't be

a crash! " She has been made to look welll and truely stupid !

(Maybe another one who should eat her hat ! )

Also why does she always come on the show as if she is dressed to go out to a dinner-dance !

Black, lowcut dress, loads of make-up, high heels. God she makes me sick !

Anyway just wondered if any of you saw it.................. :P

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Sorry, don't know how to post links :(

Put your cursor arrow over the address/link then right click on the address, left click on copy, then put the link where you want by right click, left click on paste.

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Missed it.

Linky anyone, so I can watch it well before I have my tea?!?

Sorry, don't know how to post links :(

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Guest DissipatedYouthIsValuable
Sorry, don't know how to post links :(

Just get him some tea then, there's a good lass.

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