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Bliarites Plotting Gb's Downfall..


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Harriet is right that it is her moment. I doubt she will fare that much better than Gordon but labour's defeat will not be as bad. I have noticed Harriet has been taking speech therapy lessons to lower her pitch--just like Maggie. Slow, measured tones that begin at a lower pitch to avoid sounding shrill. Maggie had to do this remember!

Straw has no designs on taking over as he would not be saying he has every confidence in Gordon Brown. When the vast majority of the electorate are saying the oppsite who wants to be seen to be placing condifence in a losing cause? I am surprised Darling has stayed the course also.

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I always said I'd be amazed if the labour party foistered another unelected leader on the country (I know theres no specific vote for PM, but the drift is the same)..... having said that.. I think the labour party has begun to talk not about the state things are in as no one can now change that... but that Gordon is not a natural leader when leadership skills are very very important.. they talk about not being able to motivate the troops, not setting an agenda, not enganging with the public etc etc ... and they are right... he could be a better leader.

I am not convinced however there is a better leader in the labour ranks of note and neither am I convinced that one of the young guns will step forward on the basis that they know they are going to get beaten at the election and equally they know that losing prime ministers rarely make a comeback... and in fact in recent times have not gone on to lead the party in opposition.

If say milliband wanted to be leader one day, he might be keeping his powder dry until Brown has lost and the next leader has gone before stepping forward and that could be six or so years from now... just when the economy might be pulling out of the hole its falling into.

We'll see though, the noises of revolt are certainly getting louder.

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I think even most of the Labour Party realise that Harperson is such a feminist extremist that no male in sound mental health would even consider voting for a party led by her. She would seriously alienate and antagonise half the population before she'd even started. I've read rumours that her cabinet colleagues are seriously unhappy about her using her week in the limelight while Gordo is on hols to push radical feminist legislation (letting off wives who murder their husbands and so on), and don't want her acting as deputy PM again.

As for the Blairites plotting, they needn't bother. Just relax on the beach until 2010, and the job will be done without any plotting necessary.

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