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My first thought was sabotage. On the face of it a ridiclous idea, but then I typed 'housepricecrash' into google and this site came up first.

It's hard to measure the impact of a site like this on perception- but I think it may be significant enough to warrant at least the attention of those trying to control the mythology of the current crisis.

Geoerge Cox ( Banking VI) came up with an interesting cameo on radio 4 this morning- a charming tale in which the banks featured as little restaraunts whose supply of food had been cut off by the big bad credit crunch, thereby preventing them from feeding their hungry mortgage seeking customers.

While it's possible he constructed this little homily on the fly, there was something polished about it that indicated a degree of forethought had gone into it.

The Banks are waking up to the fact that they are no longer totaly invisable to the sheeple, and are currently in the process of reconstructing their part in the 'credit crunch' to position themselves as victims of it, rather than the cause.

This site, and others like it, represent a threat to this project- so it's not inconceivable that some attempt may be made to shut them down.

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Over at ********************* they were speculating that we were gone for good and bracing themselves for a visitation by a load of nutters. Nice to know what people think of you. I would tell you more of the erudite discussion taking place at this other place but after a few minutes I lost the will to continue and woke up ten minutes later with my face in my keyboabr.

edit interesting that our site treats **** as a swearword, neat.

re edit it even treats the acronym as a swearword, extreme!

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