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Tesco Planning Big Financial Push

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Banks arnt going to like this, when building Societies were allowed expand banks started to lose money, so there business model had to change, this time supermarkets are entering the world of banking.

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More companies should do this.

The banks have ceased to be an engine of economic growth and one purely of destructive monetary growth. They have been putting up their lending rates to business massively to offset losses from their own greed and stupidity - about time the whole lot are short-circuited. The stock market slump has made it difficult or other companies to raise cash.

Sort of a commercial version of Zopa, needs a front company to handle all the transactions and day to day stuff - piss easy - then lots and lots of companies can offer their own interest bearing savings - bit like shares but offered as loans, customer gets a better rate, company gets a better deal on the borrowing. The banks are fat, bloated, wasteful and need to be left to wallow in pastures new.

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