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This poster bought her house a year ago for £133k.

Now the baby is due and they cant afford the mortgage.

She put it on for £142k..... then reduced to £137k....

She just cant understand why no-one wants to buy it! :rolleyes:


Has she been asleep for the last 6 months?

Oh no, I note that further down she says she rang round the local EA's and nothing is selling. She bought it 'below market value' as it was a repo. Looks like it will be again, eh?

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Oh dear I have never seen anything so sterotypical, it's a chavvy piece of heaven.

These are the people that will be hurt though and I do feel some sympathy, much less so than the three developers in my road, putting up a fence today to try and sell, yes that's the reason it's not sold yet for 1/2 million, lack of B and Q's finest fencing.

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Its so strange, where are those motivated buyers, looking to pay the thick end of £140k for an ex council house in Skeg-vegas?


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It's a minor tragedy, but my sides are hurting at the same time I'm afraid.

The crux is they have to keep the bigger house (4 bed?) as the smaller house (3 bed) isn't big enough for a family with 3 kids. wtf!?!?

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