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Going Long Into The Crash

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hey all, this is my investment strategy and thoughts on the current situation

part of my savings is going into shares i plan to keep and hold despite the increasing likelyhood of some form of 'crash' in the offing (which itself could devalue the pound quite a bit)

btw this oil price drop i believe is a temporary thing. big money shifting out of commodites and taking profits, or people thinking the bail outs are going to be effective for the banks. won't last very long

essential uk assets like coal, farming, energy, wind farms will become fashionable again as they produce real things that will become expensive to import

there could be a big push for home grown stuff, massive need to raise cash. sea change

what is a 'bubble'? it's just money flowing into the next big thing, the trick seems to be guessing what it's going to be

following a crash it's self preservation to develop your best assets long beaten down from the globalisation ploy

money flowing into this area would be a good thing. as yet no evidence it's happenning but by definition crashes are fast events

another thing, can't count on the government to rebuild our manufacturing base

so i'm buying into it during this drop in oil and hoping owning them will hedge against inflation as well because if money flows in the share price rises and keeps going so long as the bubble lasts

if the 'crash' was a '87 style event buying now is a mistake, could get some really cheap shares

but if it's only say financial and retail sectors money could rotate into commodities very quickly??

that's why i'm buying now (although uk coal has tanked since I bought in on monday haha)

ps i'm not a trader or have any stock market experience. zero. i did some spread betting and got burned and realise day trading is not for me trying to short the ftse. aghhh.. so came up with this instead!

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