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Bail, Bust, Repeat - The U S Enters Into An Ever Worsening Cycle

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Bust, Bail, Repeat: The U.S. Enters into an Ever-Worsening Cycle

Max Fraad Wolff

Posted on: July 24, 2008


We are a year into the financial pain and virtually no systemic problem has been solved.
Markets have entered into a new unsustainable cycle. The new dance is a two-step. Home prices slide, delinquencies rise, defaults rise. This puts additional pressure on housing going forward. Financial firms announce greater write-offs. Retailers slump and contagion goes global. Selling grips the markets, the good and the bad are sold off indiscriminately. Commodities rise, fear escalates and reaches a crescendo as at least one major institution nears or reaches insolvency.
Forecasts of impossible return to the good old days are debated and rebound timetables are pushed back.
In the depths of the swoon, the Fed opens the discount window to some new and previously barred set of institutions. Bail-outs are readied, Treasury checks are cut and we rebound off the lows.
Bad news becomes good, commodities sell-off and financials soar.
We are at least three episodes deep. Discount window borrowing is open to anyone not convicted of a federal crime. Interest rates are under half the official rate of inflation. House prices keep falling, delinquencies keep rising and losses keep mounting. Mountains of dubious debt have and will be parked on the Government's books. Bad mortgages, mortgage bundles and sundry cycle on and off Fed books as the Treasury writes checks to the public, maybe JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and likely Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE). The dollar rallies when folks ignore that the Greenback is ever more backed by home mortgages.
Interest-rate jawboning replaces inflation management and traders adapt to buying policy driven rallies and shorting on rising fear and fading intervention. Fear returns, babies are tossed with bath-water, commodities rally and short attacks batter firms based on rumor and trend.
Each round sees lower lows and greater intervention...

A very bearish article.

Get your pills and your wrist-slashing knife ready.

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