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Asda Launches Property Website

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http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...ite-875846.html [24 July 08}

ASDA has launched a cost-effective property website that aims to maximise the huge number of customers visiting its stores each week.

The UK's second-biggest grocer has introduced an online portal, www.homesinstore.co.uk, where customers can advertise their property on the web or in store, for both sale or rental, for £35 a week. The move has raised eyebrows because rival Tesco is in advanced talks to sell its internet estate agency business, Tesco property market (TPM), to estate agent Spicerhaart.

However, an Asda spokesman stressed its model was different because it works with local independent estate agents, as opposed to a full-blown estate agency service.

Asda has extended the online service to the South-east, Kent and Essex, after an earlier pilot in the North-east. The grocer is also using a third party to handle enquiries, whereas previously it used an in-house team. The Asda spokesman said: "We are confident this is going to work."

Tesco is close to selling its online agency business, TPM, to Spicerhaart. This spring, Tesco said: "TPM and Spicerhaart will develop a new and comprehensive online estate agency service and this will be available to our customers at Tesco.com." Previously, Tesco took down a separate property website, DIY home sales, which offered a flat fee of £199 to sell property, partly because of a number of estate agency partners said it undercut them and conflicted with their business.



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The company that runs it have major funding issues

I got offered a job with them with the view to move into the South East...that was well over a year ago.

The view was to have a panel in the front of every store with a touch screen on, each unit would cost 8k.

They have been unable to secure funding and I never did start for them.

They ended up telling those they offered contract to to take on another job.

It's not ASDA per say, there is a group of blokes using ASDA as a front.... nothing more.

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If you looking to pick a bargin maybe this would be the place to come.

Wonder if Tesco's is toying with this idea again..

M&S probably would do well at the Estate Agency Game

Why :

its not any old house its a 100% extra on top M&S iammiddleclassdontchaknow House (sexy voice)

+1 funny :)

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I advertised my house via Tesco last year and got my money back when I demanded a refund. I simply did not see them do any marketing of their property site which, when I signed up, I was expecting them to do. Pretty obvious really.

Internet use is now common in the UK and I think Asda will be on to a winner if they do just one thing - they actually advertise and market the site. Adverts on the telly and in the newspapers to make people aware. There is no reason why a handful of internet EAs could not kill off EAs within a year if it was marketed properly.

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