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Revolutionary Thinking From Association Of British Insurers

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Government urged to run campaign to encourage saving rather than reliance on debt.

- incentives required such as increased ISA limits

- average house laden with 20,000 GBP debt, excluding mortgage

- financial education required

No doubt most here (myself included) will consider this only common sense. The significance to me is that such basic advice is considered newsworthy. It was included in a series of bearish economic items such as Freddie and Fanny rescue package, Spanish job losses, inflation and budget deficit (why is theirs newsworthy but ours isn't?), Kingfisher (B&Q) profit drops, US car market slows down/Ford shake-up. The only bullish news was FTSE rise yesterday (no-mention of it's downward trend).

The penny is definitely dropping.

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With hi tax on everything and immigration keeping wages down how do they propose people save.

Some people have got into debt by using MEW/CC just to meet day to day needs and not everyone have been having holidays and new cars

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I would love to save but with 4 kids, increasing energy and food bills not really possible. Plus the hike I'm going to get in my mortgage payments isn't going to help any.

Although I'd much rather the extra £75 I'm going to have to pay come off the mortgage debt rather than line some fat bankers pocket.

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its a trick!,

If people do save Gordo will think ah then it must mean people do have money left over at the end of the month, and will subsequently increase taxes to swallow up this excess amount.

not forgetting of course that what little interest is taxable...

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