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Retirement Age And The Colapse In Relative Value Of Personal Assets

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Mark that in this period in time where the value of the most common form of personal asset in the UK is falling globally that there are now a large amount of people who need to be somehow financially independent should armagedon not fall by the time they ache too much to go to work.

From a personal point of view I sold 25 years worth of slavery over in the hope that when I do get to a state that where I cant stand my sorry **** up, the last of my worries will be how do I pay the rent. I've been sensible with how much debt I've taken on and tried to weigh in all the risk factors except for complete loss of income ........... but then that is truly the gamble you take. 25 years of enslavery ........... or .............. rent ? and What happens when you do ache so much that you can't get up ?

I also sold myself into debt because I want to die peacefully knowing that my kids also had a place,should in their time experience complete financial meltdown, they could defend.

There seems to be an overiding *rubbing of hands* on this forum when really you should be angry .......... not smug!

We all have to live here amongst the greedy and yes it makes me just as angry as you that these idiots who've sold their slave arses to unaffordable levels without even considering the consequences, the best that I can hope for them is that they only skint enough to squeeze through the eye of a needle!

These people those working will be paying for in 20 to 30 years time.

I pity them!

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