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Did I Imagine It? Or What

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I thought there was a thread posted in this forum called Dole For Work? and I thought I posted on it.

Now I see there is a thread on the main forum called Dole for Work that has been running for days and not moved to here.

I must be going senile :blink:

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You did.


You are going senile because you couldn't remember.


More proof of sinility. I know about that one, as I mentioned but I thought there were two threads of the same name running at the same time one on the Main Forum and one with the same name on Off Topic.

My point although I wasn't sure was. The thread on the main forum ran forever and according to the rules not directly related to

houseprices has not been moved to OFF TOPIC and the duplicate on the OFF TOPIC in it's rightful place was removed.

click here

Check Injins post. (post number 8)I posted on the one he's refering too

Thanks for helping out.

PS Don't laugh at dementia. you might get in one day, take it from me it's horible :lol::(:lol::blink::lol:

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