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Bbc News Now Iraq At Turning Point

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First report: Gordon Brown having visited Iraq reports there is now less violence there and we may be at the turning point. A time to reduce the number of personnel out there maybe

Second report: Mr Darling says there is no money for Policing , NHS.....Things are desperate the war in Iraq is costing billions.

Brown is going to make a move to brings troops home, its simply costing a bankrupt country to much


The surprise visit comes ahead of a statement next week on Britain's involvement in the country.
Mr Brown said it was his intention to reduce troop numbers, but refused to give an "artificial timetable".
Speaking from Iraq Mr Brown said the number of violent incidents had reduced dramatically since he was last in the country in December.

"In a period of six months enormous progress has been made," he said, adding that there had been a "turning point" in the violence.

Military commanders have said they expect numbers to be further reduced during the course of 2009, added the BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad.

At the peak of UK military activity in Iraq, in 2003, there were 26,000 soldiers posted in the country.

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THe US and UK governments are both completely bankrupt. War is not an option because of nukes and they will now collapse into bankrupcy.

I keep saying it because I like the sound of it more than I think you don't already know.

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Thing that always got to me about the Iraq war was there would be no gain for the UK, even if we were paying less for our oil it would be something, instead we have de stabalised a country and lost a lot of life in the process.

I would not like to put a figure on the cost but I know its in the high billions.

What have other countries in Europe done with the money, probably invested in renewable energy , Gas storage , homeland security , better / larger prisons


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