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The Credit Crisis Explained In Black And White.

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Pure gold, especially coming from the telegraph of all places! :lol:












..and it continues on the article linked at the top for another 10 panels.

I love how such a crappy looking thing manages to describe it in an incredibly informative manner... it's got everything we know and love... CDO's, LIAR LOANS etc. :lol:

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It's funny, but they need to update it so we can see how the story ends. I would do it myself but my artistic skills aren't up to the standard of that comic strip.

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I've seen a version where it does continue. As I remember the last panel is the mayor of the small Norwegian town on the phone to the bank. It signs off with him saying "f*** you" to which the banker laughingly replies: "F*** you too. Goodbye."

It is quite inspirational how something of such a poor quality can be so effective. Reminds me of Hunkin's Rudiments of Wisdom cartoons they used to have in the Observer.

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