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Accurate Measure Of The Money Supply Tms Or M3

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Am I right in thinking that there is no feasible way to measure M3? I read somewhere that in the US they stopped publishing figures on it in 2006 due to some reason I found falacious. Is it the M3 that allows bankers the leeway to do just about whatever they want to? M3 is the illusory money that the media has just started talking about?

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Ok, TMS looks more accurate than M3 for predicting recessions, and he puts the argument that were currently in a deflation, fair enough, but he uses the amount of dollars as proof. So, when he says we, does he mean the yanks, the UK, the world?

What gives?

Editted for clarity and to add: Er, did just make a grave error by implying that the currency denomination makes any difference?

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