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Mylifemyid Govs New Attempt To Push Id Cards

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Hi folks

The Home Offices latest attempt to sell ID cards to the British public is this http://www.mylifemyid.org launched by Jacqui Smith. The site is looking for young people to let her know their thoughts on ID cards. You know the ones they claim won't cost more than £30, contradicting Private Eye's claims and the London School of Economics and well every other independent body who figure total cost heading north of £15 billion. Seeing as 90% + of the comments on its forum regarding the proposed ID cards are somewhere between rather hostile on the mild end to, well lets just say more robust than that, you might want a look before they pull the plug. After all consultation processes are only well and good as long as you are getting the feed back you want.

Anyway its worth a look. You are meant to be 16 to 25 to leave feedback but I believe that only applies in the world where the government is capable of running a successful verification system. Its quite entertaining in a rather black way when you see moderators paid by the taxpayer, struggling on bravely to get some feedback from the public that isn't absolutely, dead set, up in arms against the scheme.

Especially entertaining is http://www.mylifemyid.org/node/345 where a leaked Government document shows plan to "coerce" young people onto national ID register is discussed.


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