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On the way to work is a fairly stereotypical slavebox development squeezed into the space a car dealership used to occupy. Since they started (just when the credit crunch began) until now there have been ads offering discounts, various other inducements, and a set of curious advertising images. These amused me because given four shots to sell the dream they chose: a picture of a towel rail (!), a close up of a kettle (!) a close up of some woman's face and a more trad shot of a couple sipping wine.

I've never considered a towel rail as a symbol of upward social mobility but what do I know?

Anyhow, all the ads have disappeared overnight. This includes the builder's boards, the developer's boards, indications of where the sales office is (the plate by the doorbell has gone), what their email/phone number are and the artist's impressions of how this luxury executive development will look once completed.

The development is maybe 2/3rds built. One third of it close to being completed, the second third has the windows in but needs finishing, the last third is still just wooden frames.

My informal observation stuck at the traffic lights on a regular basis is that work has been going quite slow since the spring.

But still, perhaps they've all been sold off plan to Anne Ashworth's "canny buyers"?

The Magic 8-ball suggests a bleaker fate is in store!

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