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Fannie, Freddie, Banks And Government Debt

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Most complete article yet on what may happen to Freddie, Fannie and the others and the options available/even if untenable.

Run-off and a return to 2.5-3x mortgages gets the writer's vote.


Edit : Thought this bit was interesting............

The Federal Government steps in and decides to "formally" guarantee Fannie and Freddie's debt. This is an unmitigated disaster as it does nothing about the risk management policies and procedures in these firms. In fact, The Senate has just passed a bill that will increase, rather than decrease, the risk on Fannie and Freddie's book via their funding of the "mortgage bailout bill." The threat of this possibility is why, on Friday, the risk of default on US Government Debt doubled! In my years in the market I have never seen this kind of bond market dislocation - the spread moved from 9 to 20 basis points in one day. Further, the 10 year bond moved 15 basis points higher on yield on a day when people were scared to death and should have been demanding Treasuries, not selling them. "Risk free" was partially removed from the description of Treasuries and if this path is taken much more damage will accrue to US Government debt. ALL debt costs will rocket higher if this happens as everything is referenced, with a spread, off US Treasuries.

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