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Has Anyone Seen This?

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The young sheeple couple interviewed in the piece stated that it was a good idea if it "got people onto the market (ladder?)" This just shows that mortgage tightening is a good thing because given half a chance I think most UK sheeple would take out an unlimited amount of money to "get on the ladder!"

What next, PX one of your kidney for a 25% stake in a Barrat new build?

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Will they part exchange my golf?

I'll pay their asking price, if they pay mine!

Oh, my golf is worth £100,000.00. :lol:

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Personally I think this is a brilliant idea ;) I bet there are loads of FTBs wondering what to do with that spare Bentley or ocean-going yacht. Now they can use it to get on the PROPERTY LADDER!

Seriously though... this is a perfect example of dumbing-down of reporting on the once mighty BBC news. Are you any the wiser about how this scheme would actually work in practice? Was there any depth to this pointless piece of drivel?

Did you notice how empty that huge glittering EA gin-palace was?

I particularly liked the pause when the dufus was explaining how he swapped a rapidly depreciating asset (true!) for ... another rapidly depreciating asset. You could actually hear the penny drop! He should have checked Parker's guide for recent Maseratis first - but then he's in it for the long term :lol:

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