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Rene Carayol On Broadcasting House, Radio 4, This Morning

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Good god... business guru? Gimme a break.

"Can't miss out the economy" - "the past few weeks I've been getting very concerned about media outlets in general overcooking the problems we've got in the economy" - mentioned 3 bits in The Sunday Times today and praised their 'tempered views' (inc. David Smith's) - "at long last responsible reporting..."

Criticised sensationalist reporting of the economy as very irresponsible because "the economy's all about confidence" innit.

Profit warnings means companies are making less money than last year - all it means is a bit of a correction, not a recession.


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We'll see whose reporting was "responsible" in hindsight.

I remember very well the news reports from the summer of last year that strove to reassure readers/listeners/viewers that there was unlikely to be a contraction of credit, and that fears of financial market turmoil were "overblown". If those reporters had been financial advisers they would be on the receiving end of a lot of grief, complaints and even lawsuits right now.

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